Caliban in CARIBBEAN TEMPEST, Australia (2000)

Musical version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Directed by Toby Gough. Presented under the stars at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney 2000.

"It is Armondo Hurley as Ariel, Brian Green as Caliban, Satchwell and Hunter
who have the best of the action. Underneath the colourful and accessible surface,
this production does engage some of the Tempest’s deeper ideas. The black and white cast
gives a powerful representation of this world of sovereigns and slaves, relocating
Shakespeare’s non specific land of exotica to a very real place of slavery
and oppression. It works at both levels, resulting in an entertaining
production true to the ideas of the play.”

Stephen Dunne, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 17 January 2000



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