King Creon in THE BURIAL AT THEBES, England (2008)

The Burial at Thebes is an operatic creation composed by Dominique LEGENDRE, on a libretto from Seamus HEANEY, musical director Peter MANNING , Stage director & designer Derek WALCOTT. Presented as a world premiere at SHAKESPEARE’S GLOBE, London, in October 2008.

“Green’s Creon was fitfully baleful, and together with Andy Morton

as Haemon (Creon’s son) raised the temperature

with a convincing portrayal of father-son rivalry.

Peter Reed, Opera, December 2008


“King Creon, played by Brian Green appeared on the stage. His performance was

one of the finest of the day, nuanced with emotion, clear in his diction

and deft in his handling a large amount of text in his aria.

The music was a good, quick tempo to keep the pace propelled.

Chip Mickael, Interchanging idioms, October 2008



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