Personal trainer

 "According to  Brian Green, a Trinidadian martial arts instructor and personal trainer who’s built like Mike Tyson but moves like Kostya Tzu, the secret lies in thinking ahead.” David Smiedt, Max, Australia, July 1997


Brian started to train with weights aged 12 and decided 2 years later to open the first public gym in Trinidad, under the YMCA banner. He also launched one of the first natural bodybuilding competitions on the island, which became very popular and gave him a lot of exposure.

Then, he chose to focus on a Kung Fu system called "Tao Ch'uan Fa", based on the flowing Ying-Yang principle, taught by Gerard JOSEPH. The group of students went to America to compete, and Brian has continued to promote this particular system in Trinidad, England, Australia and France. 

 Brian has always been very interested in sharing his love for sports and personal well-being so he registered as a professional Personal Trainer in London, Paris and Sydney according to each country's specifications and regulations.

Working for the past 41 years in the Fitness industry, he has actually been rated by the Sydney Morning Herald as one of Sydney’s best Personal Trainers in 1996, and is currently proposing personalised one-to-one training sessions at HEALTH CITY in Paris. 

FIT FOR FUN is his motto and at 57, he still competes in MASTER'S MENS PHYSIQUE category in order to promote good health practice, and hopefully inspire others to maintain a positive and creative attitude throughout their lives. 



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