Raymond LeGendre BEEN SO LONG, Australia (2000)

An extreme, sexy, violent, sumptuous, funny love story from London’s Camden Town. Written by Che Walker. Directed by Chris Mead for Australian Premiere Production at the Stables Theatre in April 2000.

“On what looks to be another terminally quiet night, in stalks Gil (played by Tamblyn Lord),
a would-be psychopath looking to settle an old score with the irresistible Raymond LeGendre
(Brian Green), ex-boxer, arch-seducer, the man who stole away the love of Gil’s miserable
life… Brian Green ripples plenty of bicep in the role of Raymond, a man “fashioned from
black gold and chiselled by thunder”. As well as being built for the part,Green manages
to score some telling points later in the play as the love struck Raymond battles
with the consequences of his carefully constructed lady-killing reputation.”


Jason Blake, City Hub, Australia 27 April 2000



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