Van Gogh in O STARRY STARRY NIGHT, UK & Saint Lucia & Trinidad (2013)

Derek Walcott is an acclaimed poet and playwright. The recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Queen's Medal for Poetry, he is a true example of multicuralism and globalization. Born in St. Lucia, he lived for many years in Trinidad and founded the Trinidad Theatre Workshop. He has been Professor of Poetry at the University of Essex, England. 

O STARRY STARRY NIGHT is a highly poetic recording of one of the most significant and notorious moments in the history of painting: Paul Gauguin's visit to a troubled Vincent Van Gogh at the Yellow House in Arles, France, 1888. Produced and presented by the University of Essex, the play premiered at the Lakeside Theatre in May this year to sold-out houses and enthusiastic reviews. A tribute to the two great artists, the play focuses on the time they spent together in the South of France. The lead roles are taken by Trinidad & Tobago actors Wendell Manwarren and Nigel Scott and the cast also features European-based compatriot Brian Green and actress Nathalie La Porte, playing along side actors from the UK. 



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