Parsifal in PARSIFAL

Parsifal is a 3-act opera composed by Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883). It was premiered at Bayreuth, Destspielhaus, July 26, 1882.

It is a medieval romance with Christian legends. Compassion converts the state of sin into a source of redemption. The setting is in Montsalvat, Spanish Pyrenees in the Middle Ages. 

Parsifal is the son of Gamuret and Herzeleide. He journeys into an inhospitable mountainous area, where he is attacked by hostile knights. With ease, he slays the knights and finds himself in a wonderful garden, with enticing and deliciously smelling flowers. He resists the seduction of the flowergirls and Kundry, and reclaims the Holy Spear. At the end of the opera, he becomes the new King of the Grail.



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